Stand Up for Social Care

Social care workers in the UK are some of the most underpaid and undervalued peoplein our society.

With an ageing population, the care sector needs to expand to fulfil the needs of our communities. But poor pay and conditions has led to thousands of vacancies and seen those who already work in the sector struggling to make ends meet.

With that in mind, social care has been a big priority for UNISON North West in the last few years. Our campaign, Stand Up for Social Care, has had some huge victories as workers seek to transform the sector for the better.




Care Workers vs Covid-19

Upon the outbreak of Covid-19, UNISON North West launched a survey of over 3,000 care workers.

The survey found that eight out of 10 wouldn’t receive normal wages if they were absent due to coronavirus, receiving statutory sick pay at best, but more likely on zero pay.

This meant many faced having to work while infected—risking spreading the virus to some of the most vulnerable—or staying at home with no income.

UNISON North West care workers launched a campaign, lobbying local councils to ensure that workers would receive full sick-pay during the pandemic.

The campaign secured a commitment from 75% of councils in the region to pay full sick-pay, meaning sick care workers could treat their illness properly and potentially saving lives in the community.

Greater Manchester & Merseyside Care Workers Demand a Pay Rise

On the back of the victory of the Care Workers vs Covid-19 campaign, UNISON members launched Greater Manchester Care Workers Demand a Pay Rise.

Throughout 2021, workers lobbied councils and employers, demanding the Foundation Living Wage for all workers in the sector.

After securing commitments from all ten councils in Greater Manchester, the campaign moved to the Liverpool City Region in 2022.

Four out of 6 councils in this area have now pledged to meet the Foundation Living Wage, and the campaign has had a wider impact across the region.

We estimate that care workers in the North West have seen a pay increase of around £65,000,000 as a result of these wage uplifts.

Ongoing Campaigns

UNISON North West members are continuing the fight to win the Foundation Living Wage for the remaining two Merseyside Councils – Sefton and Halton.

You can sign the petition here to lobby local councillors.

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