Our union is built on the principles of democratic decision-making and member-led governance. In UNISON every voice matters, and members have opportunities to actively participate in shaping our policies and priorities.

UNISON North West follows a robust structure that ensures accountability, transparency, and representation at all levels. The democratic structures of our region are as follows:

1. Branches

Our union is made up of numerous local branches across the North West region. Branches are the foundation of our union and serve as the primary point of contact for members. They play a crucial role in supporting members within their workplaces and winning local campaigns. Branches hold regular meetings, elect representatives, and engage in collective decision-making processes

2. Regional Council

UNISON North West’s Regional Council brings together representatives from all local branches within the regions well as representatives of the member, self-organised and service groups.. The Regional Council meets regularly to discuss and debate key issues affecting our members. It is responsible for setting regional priorities, coordinating campaigns, and ensuring effective communication between branches and the regional office.

3. Regional Committee

The Regional Committee is elected by the Regional Council and oversees the day-to-day operations of UNISON North West. The committee consists of democratically elected officers who represent various sectors and interests of our membership. They work closely with the regional office and staff to implement the decisions made by the Regional Council and to carry out the union’s work effectively.

4. Regional Convenor

The senior lay person in each region is the convenor, who is elected by the regional council. The convenor is elected at the regional council every year. He or she is supported by other elected officials from the regional council

5. National Delegate Conference

UNISON’s highest decision-making body is the National Delegate Conference, which brings together delegates from all regions, including UNISON North West. The conference takes place annually and sets the union’s national policies and campaigns. Delegates are elected by members at the branch level and have the authority to vote on behalf of members in their branch.

National Democratic Structures

Nationally, UNISON holds elections for its general secretary, national executive council (NEC), service group executives (SGE) and the Labour Link committee in England, Scotland and Wales. You can find out more about national UNISON democracy here.

We encourage all members to get involved in our democratic structures, attend meetings, and actively participate in shaping our union’s agenda. Your voice matters, and together we can make a real difference in improving the lives of public services and the communities we serve.

You can find the democratically-agreed UNISON rule book here:

The UNISON rule book