UNISON members on a picket line


Over the years, UNISON North West members have fought and won victories across public services.

UNISON North West has a dedicated staff Disputes Team that specialises in intervening to ensure that members are well-equipped to fight and win on the injustices they face at work.


Since 2020, UNISON members have excelled in winning campaigns across a number of outsourced employers in the NHS and local government.

East Lancashire Security Staff

During the pandemic, outsourced UNISON members working in security at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust campaigned to receive the same pay and conditions as their NHS colleagues.

They won, and even more, the service was insourced and they were made official NHS employees. Check out their story on the video below.


UNISON members at AQA took strike action after management imposed a new pay framework, without consultation, leaving many of the lowest-paid staff at AQA worse off.

After 24 days of strike action, members at AQA settled their dispute with the employer, with all staff receiving more money now and improvements to the pay award for the next year.

Lancashire Domestic and Catering Staff

In 2022, domestic and catering staff in Lancashire went on strike, also to achieve the same conditions as their NHS colleagues.

After several days of action and some imaginative campaigning, the workers achieved their goal.

Ongoing Campaigns

UNISON members are currently in dispute across Higher and Further Education, in the Environment agency and in Health.

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